Will gifting entire estate to children

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This basic Will template leaves your entire estate to your children.
  1. Clause one identifies you by your name, address and date of birth.
  2. Clause 2 confirms that the document is your Will and deals with your worldwide assets.
  3. Clause 3 cancels any Wills or codicils you have made in the past.
  4. Clause 4 allows you to set out your burial wishes. You could refer to a separate letter of wishes here if you wanted to provide more detail, or you weren’t yet sure what you would like.
  5. Clause 5 appoints Executors and Trustees. These are the people that will collect in your assets, pay your debts and expenses, and distribute what is left (your ‘estate’).
  6. Clause 6 leaves what is left to your children in equal shares. If you only have one, it does not matter if you leave the wording as it is. Your only child will inherit everything.
  7. Clause 7 provides that if one of your children dies before you leaving children of their own, the children will take their parent’s share.
  8. Clause 8 provides that if one of your children dies before you and doesn’t leave children of their own (so their share of the estate fails), their share will be added to the other shares in Clause 6.
  9. Clause 9 incorporates the standard STEP provisions which allow your trustees to properly administer your estate.

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I make no representation as to the suitability of this Will for your goals and circumstances.