Free Will templates

Free Will template

Ideally, a Will should be drawn up with a solicitor who will conduct a full fact-find before providing appropriate advice. However, these free Will templates may be suitable for use where an emergency Will is required – for example, because the Testator has not made a Will and is about to go into major surgery.

I make no comment or representation as to the suitability of any of these Wills for your needs and circumstances.

Will giving entire estate to one beneficiary

This very simple Will leaves your entire estate to one person, such as your husband, wife, civil partner or adult child.

Will gifting entire estate to children

This basic Will template leaves your entire estate to your children in equal shares. If one should predecease you leaving children of their own, their children will take their share.

Will gifting residue to multiple beneficiaries

This basic free Will template allows you to make specific gifts, before leaving everything else to multiple beneficiaries.

Will creating discretionary trust of residuary estate

This Will creates a discretionary trust of your entire estate, for your choice of beneficiaries. This gives your Trustees discretion to pay income and/or capital to any of the beneficiaries, as they see fit.

These free Will templates remain the copyright of Jen Wiss and may not be reproduced except for your own personal use. Please see my website terms. 

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