Will gifting residue to multiple beneficiaries

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This basic free Will template allows you to make specific gifts, before leaving everything else to multiple beneficiaries.
  1. Clause one identifies you by giving your name, address and date of birth.
  2. Clause 2 confirms that the document is your Will and deals with all of your assets worldwide.
  3. Clause 3 revokes any previous Wills that you have made.
  4. Clause 4 contains your funeral wishes.
  5. Clause 5 appoints Executors and Trustees who will collect in all your assets, pay your debts and distribute what is left in accordance with your Will.
  6. Clause 6 makes a gift of any personal possessions you own that have not been gifted elsewhere in the Will.
  7. Clause 7 gives you the ability to make gifts of specific personal possessions to people.
  8. Clause 8 gives you the ability to make gifts of sums of money to people.
  9. Clause 9 gives you the ability to make gifts of sums of money to charity.
  10. Clauses 10 deals with your ‘residuary estate – everything that is left – which is split between a number of beneficiaries.
  11. Clause 11 holds that if a beneficiary in Clause 10 predeceases you (i.e. dies before you) but leaves children, the children will get their share.
  12. Under Clause 12, if a beneficiary in Clause 10 predeceases you and does not leave children of their own, that beneficiary’s share is divided amongst the other beneficiaries.
  13.  Clause 13 incorporates the Standard provisions of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (2nd Edition), giving your trustees the powers they need to administer the various trusts in your Will.

After the above clauses, you will see the attestation clause – i.e. the part where you sign, in the presence of two witnesses.

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I make no representation as to the suitability of this Will for your goals and circumstances.

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